I am the E.E Cummings of harlotry, I turn my muses Into poetry

Just A Taste

Hi I'm Skylar, no it's not my real name, but it feels more real to me than my real name (if that makes sense)  yes I'm a real harlot. Do I have a website? Of course www.skylarparkar.com, why did I make this website? I'm a writer and I write a lot of poetry.

For obvious reasons (privacy) I can't share this sort of poetry on any of my personal online platforms, so I made this little home away from home. This is my poetic little enclave, I can't promise I'll update daily, but weekly is a must (monthly is realistic).

I really want to commit to writing poetry in general and this little blog will help me keep my poetic juices flowing. Curious about the source of my inspiration? Of course you are ;) whilst I understand your interest please note I'll never confirm if a poem is about a past or present client, or an illicit lover from my personal life,  I'd be more than grateful if you did not ask.

For the most part my poems are a mixture of deep desires, fantasies & internal notions, the words are neither true nor false, please view this site as a stream of anonymous love letters & epilogues. For bookings of the lascivious nature, please fill out the booking form on my escort website link is here, or email hello@skylarparkar.com

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