Botticelli Would Have Weeped

Crimson lips, rosy cheeks
every word you speak is pure poetry
with each word I fall, then I give you all of me

you’re heaven, a day dream, a beautiful thing
your eyes tell a thousand stories
you pull me in deeper every time you speak

we delve in & out of lust, crossing paths with love
but never connecting, the briefest of moments with you feel endless
you permit, but I don't feel worthy enough to be this close to you

you’re not of this world, I worship at your altar
I touch heaven every-time we meet
you're a woman yes, but not a worldly being.   

My eyes water as you cup my cheeks
I feel so blessed to be skin to skin
you unknowingly bestow blessing's all over me
you were made for worship
Botticelli would have weeped

we are beautifully connected and disconnected
you part your lips, just as you’re about to peak
I burrow my hands into the back of your neck
and gently draw you closer to me

joining you in ecstasy
Botticelli would have weeped
Botticelli would have weeped
Botticelli would have…

- Skylar Parkar