I know that when the flames go out 
the moon departs
and the sun kisses our skin
it will all feel like a lucid dream

But for now
my darling
devour me by the fire
watch as our symbiotic energy the fill’s the room

seduce me
with nothing but your touch
and heartbeat

tell me your story
without saying a thing
and as my hand’s, gently bless
your cheeks, lips, eyes
silently I’ll tell you mine

we both ache for closeness
driven by the need to belong to someone
knowing that our world isn’t permanent

we bless each other repeatedly
bestowing gifts
upon gifts
upon gifts 

seamlessly, endlessly, hopelessly
so close its hard to tell where you end & I begin
I’m weighed down by how much you mean to me in this moment
I want to hold back my emotions
but trying not surrender to you is hopeless